Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween, sweet giraffe!

Garrison was a giraffe this year for Halloween.  Although Halloween is not technically until Monday, we've celebrated a couple of times this week already.

All the kids had to wear their costumes to Kindermusik.  He started whining about something, and I told him that giraffe's don't whine!   These are his friends Leo and Ethan.  He and Ethan are in the same class at school, and Leo is in a class above him.  This morning when we pulled up to school to drop G off, Leo yelled "Ga-son" - he knew us by our car!!!

 For some reason, Garrison wanted to hold Ethan's hand while they twirled.  It looks like they are shaking hands....already doing a business deal!
Will and I took him to the Trunk or Treat at First Baptist.  All he wanted to do was run in the grass.  He didn't even go to one car for candy!  He ran around for 30 minutes oblivious to his surroundings.  At least we managed to get a couple of cute pictures!