Saturday, December 24, 2011

We did it!!

We completed the challenge! We blogged every day between thanksgiving and Christmas. Now I probably won't blog for another 6 months!

Friday, December 23, 2011


Will and I waited until the last minute to begin our Christmas shopping this year. Last minute as in even START. Needless to say its been crazy! Will said we always wait until the last minute to shop. I disagree and reminded him of some gifts I gave last year that I had to design and order....which proved my point of WE don't wait until the last minute. Only HE does. Our first date was 10 years ago yesterday. It was 3 days before Christmas and we went to the mall in Memphis to "look" for his family Christmas presents.

So today has been crazy. We went to Walmart in Starkville and Columbus. Where do these people come from that shop there? It's like a third world country. And people just spend money on a bunch of crap they don't need. Whew. We left home at 9:30 this morning and got back home around 6:30. Actually Will just dropped us off and had to go run another errand. I gave g a bath. He pooped in the tub. What a great way to end the day.

I said to him, "Well your bath is over. No one wants to swim in poop."

Sorry there are no pictures. I'm typing on my phone. The battery on the laptop is dead and the charger is at the studio. Could our lives ever just be simple and easy?

Thursday, December 22, 2011


This may be one of the most honest posts I've written.  I firmly believe there are harder days of parenting than others.  Actually, I think some days are just harder than others.  Today has been one of those days for me.  It's just been extremely hard.  Will and I were agitated with each other, and when that happens, I clean.  Like a mad woman.  And cook.  So I decided to make the cookies Garrison is going to leave for Santa.  Oh, I have such high expectations for myself.  I should have known that today of all days they wouldn't turn out right. 

I ended up eating most of the dough.  (And no, I didn't give any to Garrison!).
When I tried to put him down for a nap, this is what he did.  For an HOUR.

On a much happier note, last night Will was putting him to bed, and he said, "Night night Ma Ma" for the first time!!!

And when did he get big enough to climb into this chair all by himself???

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


He may not be able to blow his nose yet, but he knows what the booger sucker is for!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This boy loves some yogurt.  He will go to the refrigerator and whine for yogurt.  We ran out and had to go to Wal-Mart this afternoon.  Grocery shopping has become quite a challenge lately.  We have to hide Garrison's food from him.  Today Will snuck up behind the buggy and put in the yogurt and bagels so Garrison wouldn't see them.  (Is snuck up a word?  Or is it sneaked???)

Anyway, it didn't work very well.  He saw the bagels.  So we gave him one.  Then in the check out line he saw the yogurt and had a melt down.  I had to take him out to the car.  Yes, we were the screaming kid in Wal-Mart this afternoon! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

running in Chattanooga

Yesterday morning I decided I would get up before church and go run in downtown Chattanooga.  I've always heard it's a really cool city, and I must agree!  So while Will was preparing for church, I drove downtown to run.  I saw more people running at 8am in 32 degree weather than I see running on any given day no matter what the temperature is in Columbus. 

I didn't run was COLD, and I was worried about getting a shower and getting to church on time (I always seem to be late).  I mainly wanted to run downtown so I could run across this pedestrian bridge.  It's one of the longest in the world at .25 miles!  Anyone who knows me knows I HATE heights - I won't even look over the rail of a two story mall!  I was a bit apprehensive, but I never got woozy like I normally do!  The bridge is wooden planks, and it was so cold there was ice on it!  

But it was beautiful and worth it!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

weekend with Nana and Pop

All weekend my dad would send me pictures of what they were doing with Garrison.  Garrison loves going to their house - who wouldn't?  He gets all the attention!!  

He's dusted...

Ridden the rocking horse...

Read books....

Eaten crackers and cheese (but NO jalapenos, DAD!!!)...

And wrestled on the floor with both Nana and Pop!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

playing in the car

Yesterday I met my mom and dad in Okalona for them to keep Garrison for the weekend.  Will and I are going to Chattanooga - Will is leading worship at a church there tomorrow.  Garrison and I got to the grocery store parking lot (our drop off place) about 15 minutes before Mom and Dad so we played in the front seat of the car!  I love this first picture of him laughing!

My sweet reindeer.

Friday, December 16, 2011

cousin eddie

Tim, this one is for you!  You shouldn't have sent me this picture!  Have fun at your party!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

cheese dip

I don't know why we let Garrison try cheese dip at a Mexican restaurant the first time, but he absolutely LOVES it!  I mean, we can't go to a Mexican restaurant without him eating it.  And he will eat a whole bowl by himself!  One day this week we went for a late lunch to Mi Toro.  Garrison had already eaten lunch, pus I gave him a bagel before we left the house hoping that he wouldn't be so hungry and want any cheese dip.  I was wrong!!!  I think the pictures say enough....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

brushing our teeth

Garrison has started to love brushing his teeth - and I am totally ok with that!  Except for the fact he likes to do it by himself (a little independent, maybe??). 

Look!  I can even brush my teeth with no hands!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

parenting fail

Some days are harder than others.  Some weeks are harder.  This has been one of those weeks, and it's only Tuesday!  Will had a huge video project due this morning for the Columbus Housing Authority, so he has worked practically non-stop since Sunday.  That means I've pretty much been a single parent...which is extremely hard!

A couple of things have happened in the past few days that have made me wonder why in the world God entrusted us with a child.  Will worked all night last night - he didn't go to bed at all.  He worked straight through the night.  We had several errands to run this morning and a meeting at noon, so he didn't lay down until around 1:15 for a nap.  That's his excuse...I don't have one!  I was just sleepy and wanted to take a nap.  So we laid down at 1:15 and I set my alarm for 1:40 so I could pick up Garrison at 2.  At least I THOUGHT I set it for 1:40.  I really set it for 12:40 so it never went off.  I woke up panicked at 2:08!!!  Sweet boy was still at school.  I felt horrible. 

Yesterday we had another incident that isn't so much a parenting fail as a communication fail.  I had an appointment yesterday morning and Will changed Garrison's diaper while I was gone.  When I started to put Garrison down for a nap later he had a stinky diaper. When I started to change it, I realized Will had used the LAST diaper and didn't tell me!!!!  So what did I do?  Cleaned to poop, wrapped a dish towel around him, put on his pants and took him to Sunflower!  Although I left him in the car while I ran in to buy diapers!  (Much to the horror of my mom who told me the police were going to get me for that!)

Monday, December 12, 2011


A few days ago Garrison got his fingernail clippers out of his drawer and sat down on the floor.  This is how I found him!  I guess he knows what the clippers are for!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

parked car

This happened several weeks ago, but I forgot to blog about it.  It was too good to not share, though!  Garrison and I had been grocery shopping in Kroger.  We walked out and saw this....

I thought, "I think that's the Land Rover...."  As I walked closer, I saw and old man bending down and looking at the bumper.  The conversation went something like this...

Him:  "Is that your car?"
Me:  "Yep.  Is that yours?"
Him:  "Yeah....I had parked it, and I know I put the brake on."
Me:  "You mean it rolled from the parking place?"
Him:  "Yeah.  I was in the store and they called my name over the speaker.  I came out and my truck had done rolled over here.  I know I put the brake on."
Me:  "You weren't in the truck?"
Him:  "No.  I was in the store.  I know I put the brake on."
Me:  "You have insurance?"
Him:  "Well it's expired"
Me:  "That means you don't have insurance.  Wait right here while I call the cops."
Him: "Ok.  I know I put the brake on."

It ended up not doing any damage.  Once he moved his truck the bumper on the Land Rover popped right back out.  The police officer and I laughed about him getting a call about a wreck in the Kroger parking lot with no driver in either car!  Here's the man who thought he put the brake on (and no, he is not posing for a picture!)...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

No Internet

We spent the night in New Albany last night at LaLa's because we have a wedding in Oxford today. It's weird to go to Oxford and not see my parents! Laura doesn't have wifi so I can't post a picture today. And I refuse to lose this competition with Marianna so here is my post for the day!

Friday, December 9, 2011

nap time

The past few weeks we have really struggled with getting Gman to take a nap.  At school, he naps for almost an hour and a half!!  At home, he fights taking a nap.  Fights it.  Like hysterically cries as if his arm is being cut off.  Almost to the point of gagging....and with him just getting over the stomach bug, we don't want to upset him to the point of throwing up.  So it's been interesting to see where his little body finally lands for a nap.

One day it was his bean bag.

Today it was his high chair!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

oldie but goodie

Marianna sent me this picture a few days ago - it was taken at her and Robert's wedding.  (That sounds like wrong English, but I think it's right).  We look so young.  And Will had hair!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Sunday we took Garrison on his first hiking trip.  Well, it started out as just a picnic.  Last year for Mother's Day (2010) all I wanted was to go on a picnic with Will and G.  I think it was raining that day, so we didn't go.  I'm not sure what our other excuses were for the past year and a half, but we never went on that picnic.  So Sunday we decided to go out to Plymouth Bluff for my Mother's Day picnic.  We picked up McAlisters on the way (we were really roughing it) and headed out.  Garrison fell asleep on the way, so we sat in the car and ate lunch.  When he woke up we decided to take him on a little hike.  They have a loop that is 1.1 miles, and I thought that would be perfect. 

Just a little side note....I LOVE the outdoors.  When it's nice weather, I could be outside every day.  My dad and I have hiked and camped and not showered for a week.  And I love every minute.  My sweet husband on the other hand would rather be sipping coffee in a coffee shop somewhere.  He says the only time he's going to camp is if we are in an RV at a lake with air conditioning, satellite TV, and a jet ski.  You can see where this story is headed.

We walk for a little bit, and Garrison did great.  He even had a stick that we called his "walking stick" - my dad would have been so proud!  Then he (Garrison, not Will) got a bit whiny and wanted Will to carry him.  Carrying an extra 30 pounds for any length of time can get tiring.  We switched back and forth, and Garrison seemed to be doing great. 

Our friend Chris was also hiking, and he asked if I wanted to run the mile loop.  Sure!  So we take off in one direction to loop back around to Will and Garrison.  (Another side note....running a trail is a lot harder than running on pavement!).  When we got back to Will and Garrison I immediately knew something was wrong.  Will said, "The hike is over.  Garrison threw up!"  It was all over Will!  Nasty!  Will said as soon as we started running Garrison started crying for me.  He never cries for me - he ALWAYS wants Will.  He cried so hard he made himself throw up.  Or so we thought.  Monday he threw up  - all over Will again!!!  We called the doctor and he had a stomach virus.  Sweet baby.  What an awful way to end your first hike!

My mom called this morning - she caugh the stomach virus from Garrison! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

old timey peppermint

So my parents gave me this box a long time ago that is supposed to be old timey peppermint.  But when you pull the top back to get a piece, a mouse comes out.  Mom asked me if I had ever shown Garrison.  Once we taught him how to pull the top back on his own, this is what happened....

He definitely didn't like the mouse touching his finger!  I said, "Don't scare my baby" to my Mama!  And then I told her Uncle Russell would be proud!

Monday, December 5, 2011


So I'm writing this post from my phone. As crazy and advanced as technology is, I can't post pictures from my phone to my blog. My parents are in Columbus today and tomorrow to help out up the Christmas tree. I think they knew if they didn't come, the tree wouldn't get put up! So I'm not at the studio to actually post a blog from the computer. Maybe in the next few days I'll post some of the tree after its up and decorated!

Does this post still count, Marianna?? ;)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

trail mix

Will and I found this trail mix at Target that we love. Whenever we go to a Target we will stock up on it (Like we will buy several buckets of it)! For some reason Garrison went through a phase and will only eat raisins that are out of the trail mix....I guess it's the salt on them!  He won't just eat plain raisins.  I've never really let him pick the raisins out himself because I don't want him to know there are other yummy things in there - M&Ms, chocolate chip pieces, peanut butter pieces. He was very curious as to what's in there, though!

And yes, I do realize my last several posts have been all about food! And that his hair is an absolute MESS in this picture!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I try really hard not to give Garrison a lot of sugar.  But one day I was cooking and had used the beaters to mix cream cheese and sugar.  I mean, who doesn't love cream cheese and sugar???  Garrison sure did!  He would pick one up and lick it, then pick up the other.


Friday, December 2, 2011


For some reason, Garrison has started LOVING blueberry bagels.  He ate 3 (THREE) one day!  Three whole ones!!!  He knows which cabinet we keep them in, and he will go to the cabinet and point and whine for them.  In Kroger one day, we put a pack of bagels in the buggy, and he started crying until we gave him one!  Will usually eats a bagel every morning, and a couple of mornings ago Garrison pretty much took Will's bagel away from him to eat it!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving at Orlando's

Our friend Orlando invited us to his Mama's house for Thanksgiving.  They always eat Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday night because his parents go to the casino on Thursday (everyone has their own traditions, right?).  Garrison loves "uncle O" but we weren't sure how he would do in a group of people he didn't know.  He was such a trooper, though!  Orlando and Shay have a little boy that is about to turn 1.  They didn't play together a lot, but we did get them to hug!

I hope they invite us back next year.  The food was AH-MAZING!  I don't like dressing very much, but Orlando's mom's dressing was yummy!  When she told me to fix a plate, she hugged me and said, "Are you ready for some of this soul food?"  HA!  Yes, ma'am I am!