Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the letter J

These letters end up all over our kitchen.  He loves to throw them - ALL of them.  He likes to put them in the dog bowl.  He also loves to put them in the base so they sing, "The A says ah. The A says ah.  Every letter makes a sound.  The A says ah."  This weekend Mrs. Brenda told us that he could find the letter J.  We show him J a lot for "jump" - I never thought I'd get it on video but he did it (and then proceeded to immediately take it to the dog bowl).

Thursday, September 15, 2011


This little boy loves his daddy.  You can tell in these pictures he's not looking at the camera...he's looking at Will!  He's not posing for any of these pictures - he's just laughing at his daddy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

animal pants

This morning Will and I started a new "work" schedule.  On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, one of us works from 8-12 and the other from 1-4.  This morning I kept G while Will worked from 8-12 (and now is my "work" time - my personal blog is getting updated more often than my work one!).  We had Kindermusic at 10.  I had to do a mini photo shoot before we left in his animal print pants.  Sweet boy.  Every time I take him outside to take his picture, he thinks we are going to play on the steps. 

He rubs his eyes when he doesn't want to do something (especially if he doesn't want to eat something!)

 Look at his curls!  I love them!!
His "made by Nana" tag.  At lunch someone asked if his nana really made them or if that was a brand of clothing!  I should have said BOTH!!

 We were singing "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

knee pads

I love these pants.  Ever since I saw a pattern similar online, I've wanted to make a pair for Garrison (well, have my mom make a pair).  I had the little shirt appliqued  custom designed and tailored to match.

He wasn't really in the mood to smile this morning.  He just wanted to climb up and down the steps.
I thought if he sat down he would be happier.  Nope.

I only got this smile because I was playing peep-eye around the corner of the railing.


Garrison has started grunting when he stretches.  He usually raises both arms, but as you can see in this video, he's not going to let go of his cracker!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

cassette tapes

This is some of my favorite material.  I bought it before Garrison was born, and I haven't been able to figure out how to use it until now.  Aren't these pants so cute? 
I have a feeling a lot of my pictures are about to look like this...him running away from me!  Gone are the days when I can take him outside and he will sit still for a picture!

Smiling at Will....

I rarely thing G looks like me, but the look he's giving here looks like me!

We don't go many places without Mr. Giraffe.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

asleep at school

Report card...
Mrs. Robin said the whole time at "recess" Garrison played with a shovel and bucket.  He put rocks in and took them out.  Maybe one day he will want to play with other kids, but for now he is content to do his own thing.

Tuesday when we picked Garrison up from school, this is how we found him...

Mrs. Robin said he fell asleep about 10 minutes before pick up time.  Sweet boy.  

Somehow (and it's really not hard to figure out how) we lost his school report from last Thursday, but we do have his art work.  They made a rainbow out of Fruit Loops.  She told us they ate the left-overs so be careful that he didn't try to eat the ones on his rainbow!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


These are the first pair of pants I've attempted to make for Garrison.  Mom took over after she saw how much my sewing skills are lacking.  A lady in Columbus appliqued the shirt.  Will said for me not to say "applique" or he may not let Garrison wear the shirt!  He said they are "custom designed and tailored".  Haha!  Whatever they are, I think he looks pretty cute in them!  We had a little hair issue this morning.  His hair is starting to get curlier on top, so it just looks messy and like he has a cow lick!

He walked in his classroom this morning, and his teacher said, "Oh, Garrison, you are dressed up today!"  He walked straight in and waved bye bye to us!  No tears today!

Ole Miss Football 2011

This past Saturday was the first Ole Miss game of the season.  Will has been listening to the band CD for several weeks, so he was excited and ready.  I think he would have gone to the grove at 8am and stayed all day!

In college I used to buy "grove" outfits - outfits I thought would look cute to wear to the game.  Oh how my thinking has shifted - I now think about what Garrison is going to wear!  Well, I think he was the cutest dress little boy there.  Mom and I (really just mom) made these pants for him.  And he wore his white linen shirt because it was Labor Day weekend, and Will said he can't wear linen after Labor Day!

Taking him to the grove this year was a little more successful than last.  He didn't cry this year, but he did try to run to everyone else's tent!  It's exhausting to try to keep up with a toddler!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Tupelo 14.2 mile race

Yesterday morning I ran my first half marathon.  Well, it was actually 1.1 mile longer than a half, and I wanted to blog about it while it's still fresh on my mind.  Warning:  This post is more for me than anyone else.

I just looked at my training schedule, and I started training in May.  That's 4 months.  There's not much I've done consistently for 4 months.  The only way I was able to train consistently is because Will is such a great dad and helps so much with Garrison.  Many nights Will did the bed time routine by himself so I could go run.  And he rarely complained about it!

Saturday night I laid out all my clothes so I wouldn't have to scramble around in the dark.  I set my alarm for 4 am and was startled when it went off.  I said out loud, "I think that was for me," and Will grumbled, "It was."  I got all my stuff and went downstairs to change so I wouldn't wake anyone else up.  It was a bit surreal.  I kept thinking, I'm getting ready to run a half marathon.  This is real.  This is what I've been training for.

I ate a banana, put on my Garmin and headed out the door.  We stayed with Larry and Judy, so I just walked from their house to the starting line.  I picked up my bib and chip and stretched just a little.  It wasn't extremely organized.  Everyone started walking towards the starting line so I followed.  I was standing by myself and the people in front of me started running.  I heard someone say the race had started, but they never announced it.  The lady next to me said, "Did it really just start?  Should we start running now?"

The race started at 5am.  I've never run that early.  EVER.  And I typically don't run in the dark (I'm too scared to run by myself in the dark!).  But to run and watch the sun rise was amazing.  I liked starting out in the dark because I didn't compare myself to anyone because I couldn't SEE anyone! Some people wore headlamps, and others had flashlights to road.  Otherwise, it would have been complete darkness.  Actually at one point I ran with my eyes closed for a few steps.  I was so sleepy and couldn't see anyway!

For the first three miles, I never turned my music on - I just listened to the conversations around me.  I heard one lady say this was her 97th half marathon to run.  That's pretty amazing.  One guy is training for the Atlanta marathon in November, St. Jude in December, Birmingham, AL in February and a 50 mile trail race in the spring.

In training, I've been running a mile, and then alternating walking .25 and running .75.  Many nights I would come home from running discouraged that I didn't run more.  It was like I just couldn't push through it.  I knew it was mental.  I've read that on the day of a race that adrenaline kicks in.  I've been so steady and blah in my training that I didn't really know if MY adrenaline would kick in.  But it's amazing how that works!

Except for walking through the first two water stations, I ran all the way to mile 6.4 where Josh met me to run with me.  He immediately cut 2 minutes off my mile!  It's amazing what a difference it makes to run with someone! Josh was not officially registered for the race - it was already full when he tried to sign up.  He was so patient with me as I struggled along.  I had to walk a few times from miles 9 to 14.  My left knee started hurting, and I really tried to just push through it.  Jenifer tells me to dig deep and push through it. 

The course is a little longer than a normal half because it follows country roads.  At the 13.1 point, the people running the marathon turned around.  They had a clock set up at that point, and my half marathon time would have been 2:22!  Which I'm super proud of!

I had told Will that I hoped to finish in 3 hours, so he planned to bring Garrison to the finish line at 8.  We knew that we would finish before that, and Josh and I laughed that we would probably beat Will to the finish.  The last .2 miles was through the parking lot of the furniture market.  I kept telling myself to run faster to the finish, but my legs just wouldn't do it.  I started laughing at myself because my body just would NOT do what my mind was telling it to do.  I think I smiled through the finish because I realized I actually completed the race!  It was an amazing feeling.  And I think I'm addicted. 

Josh and I grabbed some water and started walking back to Judy and Larry's.  We met Will driving down the road.  I knew he probably thought to himself, "Uh oh!"  He knew he wasn't late for the time I expected to finish!  My final time for the 14.2 was 2:35!!  I'm pretty excited for my first half!

Today (Monday), I'm extremely sore.  My knees still hurt, and I have some shin splints.  But it's an amazing feeling to know I finished!  I can't wait until November 12 when I run another one (and Jenifer and Josh are training to run too!!!).