Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Sometimes I wonder if Garrison is going to grow up and think his parents are REALLY weird!  And then I look at these pictures from last night and know he will definitely think that!  Will says he will look back and say, not only did my parents dress me up for Halloween, but they dressed up too! 

So Will LOVES Elvis.  Loves him.  A few years ago we went to Graceland on our anniversary.  Which theoretically would be cool, but I am NOT. A. FAN.  After being in Graceland for an hour, I told him that the tour wasn't as bad as I thought.  He then informed me we had only seen about 1/4 of it!! 

So Will loves Elvis.  I don't really care for him all that much.  But when Will suggested Garrison be Elvis for Halloween, I couldn't object.  I mean, how many dads really get that into dressing their kid up, right?  Little did I know Will wanted Garrison to be Elvis so HE could be Elvis too!!!  He went to a costume shop in Starkville and found this hideous costume.  They also had a girl Elivs costume that Will wanted me to wear.  Um....we're going trick or treating, not to a convention.  So I settled on Priscilla.

All day yesterday I had to remind Will of a couple of things:
1.  He could not listen to nor sing Elvis music all day long or I'd lose my mind.
2.  Elvis is dead.

We actually had a really good time trick or treating.  We went to Garirson's school, where he was SO SHY when he saw Mrs. Anita.  He loves her, but he wouldn't sing or say anything to her!  He's been singing all week, "You Ain't Nothin' But a Hounddog" but he wouldn't sing it for anyone we saw!  By the end of the night he was calling his candy "Trick or Treat."  I guess people had said trick or treat to him so many times that he thought that's what candy is called!

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