Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mama Monkey and new friends

We have been reading a book at night "5 Little Monkeys Reading in Bed."  Garrison loves it.  The monkeys are supposed to be in bed, but they read books instead.  Mama Monkey comes in and tells them, "Lights out, sweet dreams, no more reading in bed!"  Garrison LOVES Mama Monkey.  If she isn't on the page we are reading, he asks where Mama Monkey is.  And then he will point to her and say, "That Mama Monkey?"

Well, Mama Monkey has turned into a slight imaginary friend.  A few nights ago we were talking about her, and he laughed.  I asked him what was funny, and he said, "Tozer just licked Mama Monkey."  ha!

He was eating toast with jelly, and Mama Monkey was sitting at the table with us.  I told him to give Mama Monkey a bite, and he held his toast over.  I said, "What did she say?"  "Thank you!"  Well, at least Mama Monkey has good manners!

Mama Monkey is also a bit of a disciplinarian.  If he thinks he's about to get in trouble, he will say, "Mama Monkey get me?" 

A group of photographers are teaming up to do a "pay it forward" idea in Columbus.  Yesterday afternoon we all met (with all our kids) to take some pictures and do a video shoot.  I kept telling we were going to meet some new friends, and I would name all their names.

After we finished, I took him to Chick Fil A while Will was at church.  A couple of little boys walked by him, and he said, "bye bye new friends."  Ha!  I guess every new person he sees is going to be a "new friend" now.

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